Lifus is a virtual party on January 8, 2021 to celebrate life with family and friends. Are you coming?

First Lifus Day Virtual Party

I created a new holiday. Will it stick? I hope so. I call it “Lifus” which is an abbreviated way to say “Life is for us”. The intention is to gather with family and friends once a month to share updates and pass down any news — including traditions that would otherwise be lost if not shared such as my grandmother’s recipe for the most sinfully delicious raisin buns ever — now lost forever because nobody asked for it.

Lifus is day to chill out with family and friends over dinner, dessert and sparkling apple cider, without any hangups about race, religion or politics. Just gather to share knowledge and wisdom earned through life experiences.

Keep the giving to non-commercial gifts such as talents and sharing of stories, and every generation wins.

Want to be a part of world history? Attend the first ever Lifus Day !

Here’s how to join the FIRST Lifus Day Celebration:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Search for “Lifus” for the link

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